About Us

Top Marrakech Tours is a fully licensed travel agency which can offer a full range of Marrakech tours that will suit all interests and requirements. Each of these

tours have been built on years of experience and knowledge, by a team of experts that has developed specialized itinerary’s that showcase the very best of this

evocative Tourism capital city.

The team at Top Marrakech Tours Company are passionate about the city we live and work in, something we aim to pass on to all those that visit. This energy,

enthusiasm and pride for Marrakech are what makes our tours so unique and well received.

Our Philosophy

We believe that Top Marrakech Tours does not operate in a vacuum, and just as we have an obligation and responsibility to our clients to do everything in our

power for their benefit, we also have a duty to extend the benefits of tourism to our country and its people..

Our Ability

We believe that the promise manifests itself in the delivery, our organizational infrastructure is therefore set up around this premise.

Highly Trained & Motivated Staff

As mentioned earlier, we invest heavily in our staff. We also incentivize them to go that extra mile and ensure that our clients’ needs are catered for.

Qualified & Experienced Guides

Our guides are accredited and highly experienced. They undergo a rigorous selection process which includes educational and finally a tour on which they are

assessed before they start.Their performance is evaluated on a daily basis and their remuneration is linked to the level of passenger satisfaction. Most of our

guides work for Top Marrakech Tours exclusively.

24/7 Booking Office

Top Marrakech Tours booking office is open from 07h00 to 23h00 seven days a week, 365 days of the year. Despite this, we also have an after hours number,

should you wish to call at 23h05. This ensures that your needs are taken care of instantly.

Well Maintained Fleet

Top Marrakech Tours has a large fleet of vehicles. Most of our vehicles seat between 10 – 17 passengers, thereby ensuring smaller groups and more intimate

touring. Our vehicles are serviced regularly and well managed and maintained by our fleet department. Our vehicles are not older than three years old.

All Calls are Recorded

This facility ensures that we can track and trace any discrepancy and also serves as a tool to verify telephonic information given to us by the client.

Our Promise

We will do everything possible to ensure you have an enjoyable time in Marrakech! We will work very hard to make your holiday easy and memorable.

We promise to operate with full integrity before, during, and after your tour with us.

For more information about Top Marrakech Tours Company Please  Contact us